The Celizy ® Pedagogical Solution, a major innovation for cello beginners and cello teachers

The Celizy® Pedagogical Solution is a device which

  • Eases up the bow hold at once
  • Leads to a curved and flexible wrist
  • Contributes to a relaxation
  • Prevents from grasping the bow
  • Lessens the strain of the bow arm (thumb, arm and shoulder)
  • Induces a position that contributes to a rewarding sound quality
  • Allows within a few months to memorize the muscular functional chain that is at work when guiding the bow
  • Corrects bad positions, if necessary


The Celizy® Pedagogical Solution

  • Is very easy to fix onto the bow: in an instant, it slips onto the bow or clips at the level of the nut
  • Is very light (around 6 grams). Its remarkable lightness due, to its net structure, does not at all affect the balance of the bow.

It is not necessary to remove it before storing the bow in the case.

Its ergonomic form makes it very convenient: the right hand immediately finds its shape.

When the right hand is at the right place and does not clutch the bow nut, the whole arm and the shoulder are much less tight; this improves the sound quality that motivates to keep up one’s efforts. Furthermore, since it is no longer necessary to concentrate on the bow hold, the brain can pay attention to other difficulties; the students progress much quicker.


              The Celizy® Pedagogical Solution is therefore ideal for individual lessons or group classes.